Why Partner with Side Inc.?

January 29, 2021

Why Partner with Side Inc.?
Many real estate hobbyists might not be familiar with Side, and that’s on purpose. Side is a technology-focused brokerage that partners with top-producing agents to put us front and center. We receive incredible support from experienced experts.
I’ve been a real estate investor for over 15 years and an agent for over 7 years, and I have always had entrepreneurial dreams, whether it was in selling handmade crafts on consignment at a store on Haight Street in San Francisco when I was in fourth grade, starting a debate summer camp after I graduated from high school, or launching my real estate practice. In embarking on a real estate career, I really wanted to do things my way – ethically, with a focus on true client advocacy. In partnering with Side, I feel empowered to fully focus on my vision.
Though my children have their typical age-appropriate interests in Roblox, soccer, and YouTube, they are also insightful human beings who are deeply involved in elements of my business. As I was putting the finishing touches on the Canopy Realty marketing materials, my son commented, “So far, I’m really liking Side. Mommy (yes, he has not yet crossed the chasm to “Mom”), have you noticed that on your For Sale signs, Canopy Realty is the focus, and not some other company?” I smiled, reflecting that he had hit the nail on the head about why I’m so excited to be partnering with Side.
From providing efficient technology systems, to a bench of talented professional teammates all invested in Canopy’s success, to creating a collaborative corporate culture of sharing among top-producing agents, Side is dedicated to supporting me and my team. In turn, we can offer our clients the best in real estate advisory services. Have a real estate-related question or situation? Please reach out to us! We are “Here to Protect Your Interests”.
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Why Partner with Side Inc.?

January 29, 2021

Many real estate hobbyists might not be familiar with Side, and that’s on purpose. Side is a technology-focused brokerage that partners with top-producing agents to pu… Read more

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